Wednesday, May 14, 2014

101 Awesome Songs, Because You Are More...

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So, my lovelies, I have a problem. This problem is a problem that is very dear to me because it has affected me in a very personal way. This problem I have is the romanticism of suicide that has taken my generation by storm, and taken friends of mine with it.

This is something that I'm trying to remedy, and I don't know in what way I can really do that other than with music.

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You Are More by Tenth Avenue North on Grooveshark
20. You Are More by Tenth Avenue North. This is a song that has helped me through a lot of struggles because it speaks directly to teenagers and other young people who have been broken down and are trying to build themselves back up, but they are scared the world is going to hate them.

This song tells the story of a girl who is in this situation and there is someone trying to tell her that she doesn't need to beat herself down because of past mistakes. To not worry that the world will hate her because she isn't all glitter and gold. She's been scuffed up, scratched, and bruised, and that's something that makes her think that she is worth only the hatred of the world.

I'm here right now to tell you that it isn't the world that will hate you. People will hate you because they can't handle you.

Nelson Mandela once said, "it is not enlightened to shrink so that others do not feel self conscious about you." This is true. You are wonderful for so many reasons, and if anyone tells you that you shouldn't be you because you make them uncomfortable, you tell them that they will have to deal with being uncomfortable, because you don't need to change for anyone.

And I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I get it. I understand people wanting to end their life on their own terms, but that is possibly the most selfish ideology in the world. If you don't think that anyone in the world loves you, you are dead wrong. If no one else does, I love you. I love you so much. You are gorgeous, you are brilliant, you are fabulous. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

Now, I want you to go and laugh at something. I want you to laugh and smile simply because it will make you happy, and, in the words of the wonderful Kurt Vonnegut...

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So, my lovelies, my dearest darlings, my friends, I want you to go and live until you laugh and love so hard it hurts, because when you love to the point that it hurts, there can be no more pain, only more love.

Valete my lovelies, and remember, you are more.

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